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About Us


      We emphasis on Fanatical client focus, Value propositions, Moral Standards, Persistent Integrity & Flexibility to enhance growth. At MOS GLOBAL we nurture a very particular culture. Our principles of Innovation, Integrity, Simplicity, Trust and Agility drive everything we do - how we think, how we plan, how we make decisions, and more. Our activities sum up the key attributes that will continue our success and best serve our customers.




     To obtain recognition as the most innovative and valuable IT company out of medium sized companies. We pride ourselves how and why our business is unique providing with products and services that fulfills the requirements that are a pleasure to use and are secure and efficient. We measure our success by your success.  From the intuitive design of our software to the expertise of our team , we focus on giving our clients the freedom, confidence and control that they need to achieve their business ambitions. 

Mission :


    To provide perfect IT Solutions with futuristic ideas, dexterity and innovation.


Growth Strategy


    When identifying technology gaps in the product portfolio, MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd compares the cost and benefits of developing the technology in-house with acquiring a company that can provide MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd with the technology needed. Aspects such as purchase price, resources and time to market are factored into that evaluation process.

     Innovation is fundamental in MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd’s long-term strategy for growth and profitability. Through successful R&D and sound knowledge of customer needs, growth is created by unique product offerings that save resources and increase competitiveness for customers. MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd invests more than 10 per cent of net sales in R&D and typically renews its product portfolio every 12 months.


     Company acquisitions are an important part of MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd’s long-term growth strategy. Acquired businesses add new technologies and know-how to the Group product portfolio, strengthening the customer offering and creating potential for a stronger presence in markets with high growth and favorable profitability. MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd continuously monitors a large number of acquisition candidates. They are regularly evaluated financially, technologically and commercially. Every acquisition candidate’s potential in MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd is determined on the basis of synergy simulations and implementation strategies.

Brand Strategy

      MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd continuously works to strengthen its brand and brand architecture system globally. MOS GLOBAL Pvt Ltd’s brand strategy supports its growth strategy, helping to create long-term sustainability and profitability for the Group.


       A IT consulting firm based in Chennai, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka. In today’s maze of methodologies, strategies and products, our commitment to adding value to client’s organization by providing higher value services and solutions is all it takes to make MOS GLOBAL Private Limited stand out from the competition.

      MOS GLOBAL  provides consulting expertise and proposes the best solutions for organizational needs. MOS GLOBAL also provides Knowledge Services and software development services to design, develop and implement e-Learning and technical projects. With our wide-ranging portfolio, we encompass a whole host of applications and services in our offering. On a continual basis, we have utilized the rich experience of our team to create tangible value for our clients and delivered consulting, knowledge services and software development services to various verticals.We hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions,communication development and project managing, we offer our clients the full package.


Leadership, Management Team of MOS GLOBAL.

President & C.E.O


    SUDHAKAR MANOHARAN is a Architect of Health Zoom and identifying solutions for various domain through IT. Before starting as a founder of the company, He was associated with leading IT companies and was part of the fortune 500 companies in project delivery. ​ He brings 16 years of experience to the company and skilled in technology services delivery and project management. He has significant experience in planning and optimization of the Software Platforms, Service Management, Service oriented Models, ITSM, Data center consolidation, Information Security auditing, ERP implementation. ​

    He is a technically competent leader with high focus on customer deliverable and commitments. His process knowledge is commendable and has an eye on monitoring and reporting critical software metrics on a regular basis.


    He is Competent in process of IT Standards, working towards the international standards and bringing innovation to the product. Looking into outbox of analysis and developing strategies according to the industry requirement and delivering on time.

A.Vice President

     Karthik.S is the AVP for the overall business and management of MOS GLOBAL. He is responsible for most of the Key accounts, Product Development, Marketing, Employer proposition development and also leads the customer team. Mastered in Information Technology and Business Administration through which he has earned technical and professional expertise. The intact experience and knowledge gained has helped him to define success for creating an efficient and integrated organizational environment including necessary process, procedures, tools and systems.

     He has worked with leading Software companies, Banking & Financial Institutions and Educational Companies comprising diversified verticals. He is presumed with a general management outlook focused on Marketing, Operations, General Management and Administration with hands-on experience more than a decade. He is fascinated with technical and professional education and with the intact experience, wants to take on new challenges and make a real difference.

     He has an extensive and dexterous background in Business Operations, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Restructuring Operations, International Business Relations, Collaborations and Joint Ventures.